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Lisa S. Gruen of Ryder, LLC, Trainer

In 1993 Lisa began teaching private and group dressage lessons at Linda Zang’s Idlewilde Farm school program as well as taking horses in training and traveling to local farms to give lessons.

Lisa won the Maryland Dressage Association Trainer of the Year Award – based on students success for the 2003 show season, Champion and Reserve Champion, Winner of Finals Class at the show and Medals for Rider Achievement with scores of 65% or higher.

Lisa was chosen as a demo rider for Hilltop Farm’s Young Horse Training Symposium with Steffan Peters with her 5 y.o. Dutch horse Tai.

In 2008 Lisa was hired as the Trainer and Manager at Chesapeake Dressage Institute. In 2010 she started Ryder LLC operating out of CDI where she currently teaches and accepts horses for training.

Over the years Lisa has had opportunities to clinic and work with some wonderful trainers who have had a great impact on her riding and training philosophy: Steffen Peters, Kathy Connelly, Uwe Steiner, Axel Steiner, George Williams, Oded Shimoni, Alexa Schulten-Baumer, Alex Gerding, Felicitas Von Neumann-Cosel. She works regularly with Jan Brons and Scott Hassler. Lisa just finished an extensive training season with Jan Brons in Wellington, Fl, and continues with his monthly visits to our facility.

lisaridding2Lisa’s training program focuses on a solid foundation of dressage training. Offering training for horse and rider, with focus on correct basics, suppleness and balance of horse and rider. Lisa believes the key to good riding is correct rider position with the ability to feel and sense what the horse needs in order to bring out harmony, relaxation and suppleness. She understands that riders come to this sport with many different learning styles and expectations – whether focusing on moving your horse up the levels for successful competition, or just wanting to enjoy the journey of training to bring out the best of you and your horse. Lisa has the ability to communicate well and break down theory and ideas so each student can experience those “ah hah” moments that draw us back day after day.

Lesson Rates
$60.00 for horses boarding at CDI,
Haul-ins $75.00 (includes $15.00 ring fee)

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