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September 2013
Steffen Peters and Ilse SchwarzReturning to CDI October 4-5 –  Ilse Schwarz

Trainer and FEI Rider Ilse Schwarz will be returning to Chesapeake Dressage Institute on October 4-5 for another clinic. Ilse will also be available for private lessons during this time.  Please also come join us Friday night, Oct. 4th at 6:00 in the barn lounge for pizza and a lecture by Ilse on working with Steffen Peters, and a riding demonstration on showing each level on the training scale up to FEI.  A charge of $2 per person will be added to our clinic hosting fund.  Please come and meet Ilse for an interesting and fun time.

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July 2013
Steffen Peters and Ilse SchwarzClinic with FEI Trainer Ilse Schwarz – July 20-21, 2013

Trainer and FEI Rider Ilse Schwarz will be hosting her first clinic at Chesapeake Dressage Institute the last weekend of July. Ilse, originally from Australia, is a protégé of Steffen Peters and for the last 6 years has studied extensively with him during show season in Wellington, FL. She is a delightful instructor and a favorite of judges, riders and other FEI trainers. Always upbeat and positive, she builds confidence and trust with horse and rider.

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May 2013
JRP_FoundingSponsors_webFirst Founding Sponsors – Global Dressage Festival

Plaque Presentation to First Founding Sponsors ( Chesapeake Dressage Institute founder Janet Richardson-Pearson and William Pearson, Chris and Rob Desino, Matt Varney, Kimberly and Frederick Boyer, Terri and Devon Kane, Tuny and David Page, and Joseph and Gaye Scarpa )

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CDI host Jan Brons and Uwe Steiner Clinics

April 2013
CDI hosts FD Horsemanship Clinic see her website

March 2013
CDI hosts Jan Brons Clinic

January 2013

  • CDI hosts the PVDA Tea is for Training
  • Lisa Gruen goes to Wellington FL to study with Jan Brons. Click here to view her blog.

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