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August 14, 2017

Ollie does well!

August 14, 2017

6 year old Ollie ( registered name F.B.I) admiring his ribbons. 3rd place on 6/24/17 with a 63.6% (even with a big spook!) and 1st place on 6/25/17 with a 67.7% and this is only his second show.

A review of the year of 2015

February 8, 2016

Here is a list of the 15 riding clinics held this year at the Chesapeake Dressage Institute (CDI). There was also a PVDA Schooling Show held at our facility. Coming soon will be names and pictures of our clients and their horses. Coincidentally, all of a sudden, we ended up with several new young horses at the barn. We will be introducing these new additions to our herd on this page.

2015 Clinic List

Past Clinic – Linda Zang Ride a Test Clinic 5/19/15

February 8, 2016
Linda Zang Clinic at CDI 5/19/15
by Janet Richardson-Pearson
Even though I am one of the many local riders who learned about dressage riding at Linda Zang’s Idlewilde Farm, I had never attended one of her clinics. She was at the Chesapeake Dressage Institute on May 9th for a Ride-A-Test Clinic, and I was incredibly impressed! What a wealth of knowledge and advice she had for each and every rider.  The auditors, too, were simply amazed and remarked that they saw every horse and rider improve through the lesson.  Linda would say, “give me a problem”, then answer by announcing, “I can fix that!” And she would! Every ride improved.  It was amazing!
I guess we locals kind of take her for granted, since she has been such a part of dressage in our area for a long, long time. I remember when riders at her farm had bumper stickers that said, “Dressage – ask me what it means”, (or something similar), because very few did know!
Her background is broad and deep – from being one of the earlier riders to study in Europe, then a member of the U.S. Olympic Team. And on to being a U.S. FEI 5*Judge and now on the Dressage Judges Supervisory Panel. She still gives individual and clinic training and is very respected for her accomplishments and expertise throughout the horse world.  We are indeed lucky to have her in our area.
The tests ran the gamut from Training Level to Intermediare I, and a common theme throughout was the rider’s position.  While that is not a new concept, these instructions fine-tuned each rider in ways that were instantly noticeable.
There was also a lot of emphasis on the “core”, and she commented that, “the upper body holds, controls and collects”.
One rider’s instructions were, when going to the right, to twist the lower part of her body to the inside, and the top part to the outside, – actually turning her shoulder in that direction – not what one would normally think to do.
Another rider was told that she leaned to the side and that in a test, she would lose a point per movement for that.  Linda also told her that her horse’s nose should be at the letter, not the shoulder before starting a circle.  It is these fine points that add or subtract numbers from your score.
Here are comments from some of the riders in the clinic:

I thoroughly enjoyed my ride in the Linda Zang clinic. Linda truly had a way of making me feel at ease. She started by adjusting my body position with longer stirrups. What an amazing ride that Ty and I had. From the beginning of the ride until the end we made such huge improvements. I can still hear her saying” supple supple supple- half halt. I would love to ride in a clinic with her again!

Cheryl Cavalier & Ty


Thank you for hosting such a great clinic.  I really appreciated Linda’s insightful remarks.  What I liked most, is here ability to “explain the why”, not just give directions.  She tied everything together, the exercises and the biomechanics of me and my big horse.  More importantly, she was concerned that I understood.   It worked!   I am looking forward to your next clinic with her.

Lori Willis

I rode two horses with Linda. She gave me great exercises for each horse that immediately improved the balance and quality of movement for the test. She is funny, articulate and a blast to ride with!

Lisa Gruen


What an opportunity – to be able to work with an Olympic judge doing a fix-a-test!  Linda has such an amazing eye for detail and doesn’t miss a beat.  She helped me polish my test by working on the finer details and exact geometry.  For example, she would explain where the judges like to see the placement of the pirouettes and how to ride before and after each pirouette.  She also put her trainer’s hat on and helped me with subtle rider position changes to help set up for the next movement.  I really appreciated the opportunity to work with her and many thanks to CDI for hosting the clinic at their lovely facility.
Hallie Ahrnsbrak


Past Clinic – From Contact to Connection to Collection – A Clinic with Jane Savoie

March 27, 2015

June 6 & 7 at CDI. Presented by Tri-County Dressage. For more info contact harnsbrak@gederatedlighting.com or juliegross@comcast.net


Linda Zang – Ride a Test Clinic May 9, 2015

March 27, 2015

CDI will be hosting a Ride a Test Clinic on May 9th judged by Linda Zang. Her comments will be amplified through our PA system for an enhanced auditing experience.
Linda Zang, a US International Equestrian Federation (FEI) 5* judge has been appointed to the dressage Judges Supervisory Panel.
Linda, a top ranked 5* judge level, was on the original JSP in 2010 and rejoins the panel of five JSP members. Linda, 67 years old, of Davidsonville, Maryland, started riding in the 1960s and trained extensively in Europe with several dressage masters. She competed in the world championships in 1978 and was named with Fellow Traveller to the U.S. Olympic team in 1980 that performed at the alternate Games in England.
Linda was the first U.S.-based judge to reach FEI 5* status and is also a U.S. Equestrian Federation “S” rated judge. She is one of a handful of FEI “O” judges in the world who conduct forums and seminars to educate and test FEI judges for both dressage and eventing. She has judged the top international championships including six World Cup Finals, the 1996 Olympics, 1998, 2006 and 2010 World Games, 1999 Pan American Games, 2005 European Championships and the 2009 and 2010 World Breeding Young Horse Championships.

Ride a Test $115 for 1/2 hr session
Rider info contact LisaGruen@comcast.net
Auditing $15 – no lunch included
Auditing including lunch $30 – please prepay by May 5
Auditing info contact Nona@ChesapeakeDressage.com
Please note – there will be no lunch break during the clinic. Feel free to bring your own lunch or prepay for one here.

LindaZang ad 2015

Excerpt from Adequan Global Dressage Festival 2015 Press release 1/21/15:

January 22, 2015

Janet Richardson-Pearson and Chesapeake Dressage Institute are also proud to announce their continued sponsorship and support of the 2015 Adequan® Global Dressage Festival and are looking forward to another wonderful year of dressage competition. Chespeake Dressage Institute sponsors this week’s CDI-W Small Tour classes: the FEI Prix St. Georges, FEI Intermediaire-1, and FEI I-1 Freestyle.

As AGDF has continued to grow in size and scale each year since its inception, Richardson-Pearson has felt responsible for helping the sport she loves find a permanent home. “After seeing the incredible success of the Winter Equestrian Festival, I felt that there was nothing but good things to come for AGDF under the watchful eye of Mark Bellissimo,” she said. “I’ve always thought it would be wonderful to give dressage a permanent home in Wellington, and AGDF has given it the platform it has needed to attract the superstars of the sport.”

Not only has AGDF strengthened the sport by giving it a permanent winter location, but it has also provided competitors, sponsors, and owners with a sense of camaraderie, helping to bond dressage-enthusiasts alike. “I enjoy being able to share my love for horses and dressage with like-minded people,” said Richardson-Pearson. “I am so proud to be a part of this venue and the way it supports the sport that we love.”

The quality of competition AGDF continually hosts has played a major role in the growing number of international riders who wish to spend their winters in Wellington. While seasoned veteran riders continue to strengthen the level of performance throughout the season, Richardson-Pearson is most proud of the up-coming young riders who have been able to showcase their talents.

“There have been some wonderful moments for us as sponsors, but one moment that stands out was when we awarded Juan Matute, Jr. last year,” she commented. “He was obviously having such a good time competing, he was serious, but in such a light-hearted way. He is such a strong reminder of how fun this sport can be.”

Proud to be a part of the show’s continued growth, Richardson-Pearson and Chesapeake Dressage Institute are excited for the beginning of a new season and would like to wish all competitors a healthy and fun 2015 season. “I once read a statement that said, ‘Never watch bad riding,’ and that has stuck with me ever since. This competition helps to elevate the sport and makes everyone want to be better. We feel that we are supporting the overall quality of dressage through our sponsorship here at AGDF.”

photo – Janet Richardson-Pearson awards last year’s AGDF 3 FEI Prix St. Georges winners, Juan Matute, Jr. and Don Diego Ymas. Photo ©SusanJStickle.com


CDI’s 2014 Clinic Schedule. Our 2015 Clinic Schedule is being organized and will be posted shortly

January 19, 2015

2014 Clinic List

Uwe Steiner returns to CDI

March 31, 2014

May 21 & 22 we will host the first Uwe Steiner Clinic of the 2014 season here at CDI. We offer open auditing for $5 per day please bring exact change. His daily schedule varies so please feel free to call ahead at 410-267-7174. Mr. Steiner has several regular students in the area who have enjoyed coming to CDI over the past few years for his lessons. Openings are available and if you would like to take advantage of his visits here please call Lisa 410-991-3711 for rider registration information. Auditing is also a great way to learn so please consider joining us to observe for only $5 per day!

Jan Brons returns to CDI on April 5 for the 2014 season!

March 12, 2014

Open auditing is $20 per day no registration necessary. For rider registration contact Lisa at 410-991-3711. See our calendar for his 2014 schedule here at CDI!

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