Chesapeake Dressage Institute (CDI)


CDI promotes classically correct dressage training, aiming for the highest standards of care for the horse, and striving for excellence on the part of the rider.

About Chesapeake Dressage Institute

The Chesapeake Dressage Institute (CDI) was founded in 2003 for serious dressage riders of all levels to improve and refine their skills and progress to the upper levels of their sport. CDI, a not-for-profit educational institution, promotes the sponsorship of classically correct dressage training, aiming for the highest standards of care towards the horse and striving for excellence on the part of the rider, with emphasis on educational programs.

Waters End Farm Facility

The Chesapeake Dressage Institute (CDI) operates at Waters End Farm in Annapolis, MD. Waters End Farm is situated on 75 acres of open fields and wooded trails, yet only three miles from downtown Annapolis.

  • Training and Boarding is offered through Lisa Gruen of Ryder, LLC.
  • The intimate 14-stall barn features stalls with outside windows, stall mats, fans, video monitors, and deep kiln dried bedding.
  • It features a regulation-size indoor arena with mirrors and state-of-the-art Equation footing that is dust-free and shock absorbent to protect the horse’s joints and feet; as well as a regulation-size outdoor ring with a rubber/bluestone mixed footing.
  • For riding outside the ring, there are miles of groomed trails, open fields, and exercise hills.
  • Horses receive private turn-out daily (other than in adverse weather conditions) with boots and blankets in individual turn-out paddocks.
  • There is a climate-controlled tack room, bathroom with shower, a viewing lounge, arena sound system, and heated bleachers.
  • A full time groom is housed in the barn apartment where video monitors show the horse stalls and outside pastures, so that along with our scheduled night check, there is an added touch of security.
  • Additional stalls are available outside of the main barn area for clinic horses and the intake and processing of new boarders to safeguard against potential transfer of diseases.

Our Services

Currently offering lessons and training board packages at Chesapeake Dressage Institute in Annapolis, MD. You may trailer in for lessons or we can design a training board package that suits you and your horse’s needs.

Board packages include lessons and/or training rides, private turn-out, choice of quality feed to suit your horses needs (3x daily), hay, daily stall cleaning, blanketing and boots for turnout, scheduling of health program, and worming (wormer addtional). Matted stalls are 12 x 12 with windows facing outside as well as stall door windows that open to the inside isle of the barn. There are 3 heated wash stalls, individual tack lockers in climate controlled tack room, washer and dryer, and restroom with shower off the tack room.

Our indoor arena has superb footing by Equation ( that is dust-free and shock absorbent to protect the horse’s joints and feet.  We also have a regulation-size outdoor ring with a rubber/bluestone mixed footing.

At Chesapeake Dressage we:

  • Provide riding clinics which utilize recognized, credentialed trainers to increase knowledge of correct, classical training techniques and to also uphold recognized standards set by the U.S. Dressage Federation.
  • Host lectures and classes on complementary physical training for the rider, such as Pilates.
  • Promote panel discussions and demonstrations by equine specialists on issues such as proper saddle fit; horse dentistry; lameness avoidance, diagnosis and treatment; preparation for long trailering and competition; emergency care; acupuncture; chiropractic; and equine massage.
  • Further discussion of the mind-body connection and mental training necessary for competition readiness, utilizing sports psychology, visualization techniques, and other modalities to sharpen competitive skills and reduce performance anxiety.
  • Host to PVDA schooling shows every year.

Training Program & Rates

Training and Boarding option offered through:

  • Lisa Gruen is offering lessons @ $60 (Trailer-in lessons at CDI $75 – includes ring fee).
  • Full and Partial Training packages available – please contact Lisa for pricing at 410-991-3711 or go to for more information.


  • Daily stall cleaning, grain (3x/day) & hay (4x/day), private turnout, blanketing and booting

Board Plus

  • Above items plus grooming 5 days/week and laundry service (saddle pads, wraps or boots)


  • Every 8 weeks

Training Options
Stall availability is limited to horses in full training offered by Lisa S. Gruen of Ryder, LLC

  • Full Training
    Horse ridden or rider lessons 5 days per week
  • Trailer-In Lessons

Chesapeake Dressage Institute Optional Services for Clinics

  • Overnight Stabling, $35/night
  • Stall Fee, $15/day, available for clinics/lessons

Health Record Requirements:

  • New Policy for Strangles Vaccination – Recommended, not required.
  • All horses entering the Chesapeake Dressage Institute’s property for clinics/training should be immunized for Equine EHV – 1 (either modified live or killed vaccine) no later than 90 days prior to arrival on the property.
  • CDI also requests that your horse’s temperature be taken the night before and the day of your visit. Please know your horse’s normal temperature. Elevated temperatures are one of the very first symptoms of potential Herpes.

Health records and required vaccines for trailer-in lessons, arena rentals and clinics:

  • Negative Coggins
  • Eastern and Western Encephalitis
  • Influenza
  • Potomac Horse Fever
  • Rabies
  • Strangles (recommended)
  • Tetanus
  • West Nile
  • Rhinomune Herpes-related ( EHV-1) vaccine (The Rhinomune vaccine should be given within 6 months of your visit to CDI, but not within the 7 days prior. It can actually be given up to four times per year. )

For shows only:

  • Proof of Rhinomune vaccination. This particular vaccine should be given within 6 months of the competition.
  • Proof of Strangles vaccination (if available/recommended only)
  • Negative Coggins

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