Chesapeake Dressage Institute (CDI)

Dressage Enthusiasts!


Chesapeake Dressage Institute (CDI) is embarking on an ambitious clinic program to bring more trainers to our facility to expand our offerings for mounted and unmounted clinics but – we need your support.

Specifically, we need auditors.  We need more attendance to help us meet the costs of having top level people here at our facility.  Clinics take a lot of work and a lot of hands to make them work.

Attending as an auditor is a great way to see if you would like to ride with a specific trainer – whether it’s a superstar, or a local person with great teaching skills.  It’s a great way to learn, as well.  In fact, watching is a very well proven way to learn – to help you see good riding to visualize as you work on your own. Remember, it is said that “you should never watch bad riding!”  Visualizing is now an accepted method of training without having to be on a horse.  Visualizing is used in Olympic training of all sports to better an athlete’s performance.

We also want to hear from you.  Ideas of unmounted clinics are welcomed, along with recommendations of trainers you think have something special to offer.

The fee for auditing is $20 a day, and $35 for both days.  In-house riders pay $15 per day and $25 for two days.

So please come out and support us in offering dressage watching!  Invite friends, neighbors, and others.  With the right encouragement, and the support and desire to have wonderful clinics we will be inspired to further expand our offerings.